Buildtelligence has the best leadership team and Search Engine Optimization Experts EVER assembled in the Search Engine Optimization Industry.  This Leadership Team is what makes Buildtelligence the company it is today.




Ken Knorr



Place of Birth:   Florida (Second Generation)

Hobbies, Interests:   Blogging, Coaching (Soccer, Football, Basketball), Trying to stay standing during Class 5 Richter scale events during Brian’s tether ball games.

Interesting Personal Facts:   Adopted at Six Weeks of age.

Brief Biography:   Born and Raised in Central Florida, Attended Military School (Florida Academy) during middle school, Married my High school sweetheart. I have 2 Kids, 3 Dogs, 2 Cats, 7 Birds, and Countless Fish.  I’ve been in the IT industry for a VERY long time.  Sales Side, Tech side, Late night side…  In my career I’ve had titles like:  Computer Dood, IT Manager, Director of IT, Director of Communications, and Vice President of Operations.  This is the 3rd technology company that I have been a principal in, one of the former included two team members below, and the other included one of the team members below.  So here at Buildtelligence we have collected some of the best people I have ever worked with over the years. 

Certifications: I am certifiable :), MCT, MCP, MCSE, Google Adwords

Career Goals:   Build a great company, provide great incomes to great people, help the community.

Favorite Quote:  “Leadership is Action not position”

Favorite Food:  “Currently: Anything but Carbs  Previously: Anything with Carbs”

Favorite Thing about Working At Buildtelligence:   The best people, a great atmosphere, laughing every day.

Something you would be surprised to know about me: “It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you”


Tina Knorr
Chief Financial Officer

Nickname: “Boss”

Place of Birth: Florida, perhaps you have heard of it?

Hobbies: Child wrangling, intramural marathon hopscotch, husband tolerating

Interesting Personal Facts: Has been acknowledged to be a saint by at least 3 different religious leaders for her hobby of husband tolerance.

Brief Biography: Wed high school sweetheart and still married to him with 2 great kids ages 17 and 14.

Career Goals:  Get the receipts for the companies expenditures before they show up on the bank accounts.

Favorite Quote: “I need a receipt for that”

Favorite Food: Anything Swanson brings premade.

Favorite Thing About Working at Buildtelligence:
 Working with my husband in a great environment.

Something you Would be surprised to know about me: I didn’t write any of this and Brian Rider made it all up.



Mark Brent Gray
Customer Services


Place of Birth: Cleveland Memorial Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio – The Mistake By the Lake!

Hobbies: Auto Racing-Driving and Spectating; Art; Scale Model Building; Scale Model Car Collecting; Music; Electronic Gaming; Internet

Interesting Personal Facts: Top Art Student in my High School, Finished Second Overall in the First 24 hour Endurance Kart Race in the USA, Coached 7 Winning Seasons in the Pop Warner Football Program – Go Rams!

Brief Biography: Born in Cleveland, Ohio but raised in Sebring, Florida (Yes, I am a Florida Cracker); Attended Tampa Technical Institute where I gained my degree in the Graphic Arts; Spent several years utilizing my skills in a multi-faceted Graphic Arts Studio in Tampa; Moved to Orlando in 1982 where I spent 20 years in the Contract Furniture Industry as a space planner, specifier and salesperson producing sales for the top dealerships for Haworth, Steelcase, Herman Miller, etc and specializing in Government Contract writing and administration…In 2002 I moved into retail management for a large retail grocer managing several departments while maintaing a 1, 2 or 3 position for profit (OR) within the division. In 2007 I joined Ken here at Buildtelligence to handle many of the day to day administrative tasks, SEO Analyzation and implementation processes, PPC Account Management and Customer Service Related Issues.  This is a challenging and exciting business and I’m glad to apart of it.

Career Goals: To continue to learn and master the intricacies of Internet Marketing and to assist Ken in building a lasting legacy for our fellow co-workers and their families.

Favorite Quote: “Luck is when Opportunity meets Preparation”

Favorite Food: Steak

Favorite Thing About Working at Buildtelligence: Being part of the fast paced, ever evolving world of the Internet and to have knowledgeable co-workers to share and explore new ways of solving problems and providing answers for our clients.

Something you Would be surprised to know about me: To put myself through Art School I worked as a Hair Model and was on TV



Ty Roden
Vice President of Operations


Nickname: “Brother Hesitya”

Place of Birth: Boca Raton, FL

Hobbies: Scuba Diving, Table Top Roleplaying, Programming, Repairing Console Game Systems, Losing Track of Time

Interesting Personal Facts: When working on a project I can stay awake for days at a time.  When working on something uninteresting, I can be awake for minutes at a time.  Can grow a beard in under 90 seconds flat.

Brief Biography: Born in Boca to my mother.  Whom is cooler than I am.  Push mowed lawns for my first computer before I had a car.   Had a beard before I had a car.  I have been working with computers since the early 80s, of which many years which have been my career.  I have worked in Law Enforcement as the Director of IT for 13 years before moving to a nationally ranked home builder where I remained for just at 3 years before joining the team at Buildtelligence.

Career Goals: At some point I would like to see that page that says “You have reached the end of the Internet.”

Favorite Quote: “Hold on, let me explain further”

Favorite Food: Yes please.

Favorite Thing About Working at Buildtelligence: Working with people whom truly have their clients best interests in mind every day when they come to work.

Something you Would be surprised to know about me: I was a stunt double for Chris Farley in Beverley Hill’s Ninja.