About Us – The Story of Buildtelligence

The Story of Buildtelligence Web Solutions:

Buildtelligence was started like many businesses as the dream of the founder Ken Knorr.  Ken, having been in the the It industry for nearly all his life has always been an entrepreneur.  However, when an opportunity came up nearly 10 years ago to join a small regional home builder he just couldn’t say no, but the entrepreneurial spark stayed alive.

During his tenure with that builder he began research into search engine optimization techniques, and in 2002 – 2004 he and some colleagues began working on proprietary software and techniques to gain top spots in the search engines.  It culminated in 2004 when they took a top spot for a highly world wide contested keyword set.  They took a coveted spot in the search engines on a personal conquest.  What he learned during the experiment was invaluable to his employer.  Ultimately he applied the Search Engine knowledge and drove their site to the pinnacle of success, generating over 43% (30,000 +) of the builder’s leads through first time contact on the Internet.

He decided in late 2006 that the knowledge, proprietary software, and techniques he possessed would be much more valuable in a business of his own.  The entrepreneurial spark re-ignited and in early 2007 he launched Buildtelligence.

It was then that he first wrote the definition of Buildtelligence:

build•tel•li•gence [bild-tel-i-juhns]
(used with a web project) 1. to construct web pages and sites by assembling and joining parts or materials with the capacity for learning from the results , with reasoning, understanding, aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings, etc. Specifically from the application of technology in the process.

Company Highlights

  • Founded by Ken Knorr
    Over 20 years of IT Industry Experience
    Over 10 years of Residential Home Building Experience
    International Builders Show (IBS) Invited Speaker
    SEBC Show Invited Speaker
    Led the Winner 2006 NHQ Award
    Consulted for Several Organizations on NHQ Certification
    Regular Contributor in Builder Magazine
    Lead Developer for NeighborLinks
    Published Author
    2008 Acquired PPC Management (www.PPCManagement.com) added technology, resources, code, clients and website.
    2009 Acquired SEO Company (www.SeoCompany.com)

Core Values:

Community Oriented – Non Profit Sites – numerous built at no charge.
Please see our non-profit page