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Growing Internet Marketing Company changes name, expands services

LEESBURG, Fla – Buildtelligence Web Solutions, LLC President Ken Knorr recently announced that Buildtelligence was changing its name to That Company and expanding its services beyond Internet Marketing to encompass traditional print, radio and television marketing and advertising agency services.

By combining traditional and Internet marketing, That Company is offering a one-stop Mixed Media Marketing experience for its clients by providing services, such as public relations; social media; Web 2.0; consumer services marketing; governmental relations, Internet marketing and traditional radio, TV and print advertising.

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Building Intelligent Internet Marketing Solutions for Intelligent Businesses

Our firm’s approach to Website Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Reputation Management isn’t Rocket Science. But Rocket Science isn’t Rocket Science to Rocket Scientists either! When you put our Search Engine Professionals on your team, your attempts to take your marketing efforts to the moon succeed.

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Buildtelligence is focused on helping their clients effectively implement technology on the Internet. Buildtelligence provides professional consulting services, website optimization, search engine optimization, reputation management as well as competitive hosting plans and Domain Name Services. Our search engine optimization firms primary goal is to deliver services FAST, EFFICIENT, COST EFFECTIVE, and INTELLIGENT. ..that’s Buildtelligence!

Choosing a Firm for Website Optimization

When you are designing a web site, you can’t ignore search engine optimization. It must be an integral part of your over all plan. What good is it to build a site which nobody will visit? Already have a website that is in need of search engine optimization? That’s OK. Our top search engine optimization firm can help you too. But if your considering a new website, make sure to put website optimization and search engine optimization at the top of your pre-launch check list, to do this, you must select the right website optimization company.

Search Engine Marketing

As part of your Web Site Design, Search Engine Optimization and Launch Strategy, Search Engine Marketing should also be in your launch plans. Search Engine Marketing (pay per click advertising) can be a huge part of your initial success. Our Search Engine Marketing Firm ( can help you design and deliver a successful marketing campaign. This should definitely be a part of your overall web strategy.

Online Reputation Management.

Online Reputation Management is a subset of Search Engine Optimization. If you are considering an Online Reputation Management Firm, are they experts in search engine optimization FIRST? Search Engine Optimization best practices are the only way to be successful at online reputation management. If an online reputation management firm can’t clearly demonstrate their abilities and success at search engine optimization, then they won’t be successful at your reputation management efforts.