David Couch is welcomed by Buildtelligence as an expert in Top Search Engine Optimization

 David Couch takes Search Engine Optimization to a whole new level when hired by Buildtelligence!!! 

David Couch was welcomed by Buildtelligence and was added to our team as the Director of Sales and Marketing. David Couch joins our firm with many years of Sales, Technology, and Internet Experience.  He will be leading the Sales and Marketing efforts of the organization.  David Couch has a background in IP Telephony and SAP enterprise software solutions coupled with his extensive sales and management background he will be an asset to the Buildtelligence organization. David Couch is well versed in Search Engine Optimization skills and has been extremely proactive on several large Pay Per Click Management or PPC management campaigns. In every case David Couch has been able to reduce the monthly expenditure and still capture the necessary qualified leads for his clients.

David Couch

David Couch has been ask on several occasions how do I "Improve my search engine rankings" for their business websites. With his extensive knowledge on search engines David Couch talks about the three main parts of good SEO. "Good Search Engine Optimization starts with good infrastructure of a website. File names and structure play a very critical part into a site being Search Engine Friendly (SEF)." While equal importance should be given to the Big 3’s.

First there are keywords and keyword phrases. It is important for a company undergoing Search Engine Optimization to understand their keywords. We do a deep keyword analysis of the daily impressions of a companies keywords. Then we search further to find good quality keyword phrases to ensure we pick up the most amount of traffic possible. Let is also be known that visits will not make your company money. It is about converting them into qualified leads.

The second step is good Optimized Content. This gets to be tricky. Some SEO companies tend to over use the keywords when writing content. When this happens it is looked at as Black Hat Techniques. This is known as content spamming and will get you band from search engines. You have to have the right density, too much will get you band, and too little will not get you ranked. We ensure every page has the right density level with the proper keyword phrases.

One of the last things to focus on is Page Rank. Page Rank or Trust Rank as it is better known in the industry is about how many websites link back to your site. There are sites that will allow you to register your website and by the end of the week you could have 50 to 100 back links. This used to be popular until late 2006 early 2007 Google caught on and quickly referred to as "link spamming". Since then Google has changed their algorithms. Now it’s not just how many back links you have, but how many quality back links. The word quality equates to how relative is the content on the back links that are pointing at your site, to the content that is on your site. If your company website is selling boats and one on your back links is a website about plumbing then it will not help your Page Rank".

Back in the early stages of PPC Management David Couch learned the ground rules of some of the most sought after search Pay Per Click firms in the industry. In his many years in the industry, David Couch has encountered other PPC Management companies that have been unsuccessful in converting a visit into a lead. Now he is happy to say that he is working for one of the most sought after Search Engine Optimization companies in the country that also offers a PPCManagement like no other.   

We are equally pleased to announce that David Couch will also be heading up our new Marketing team and Sales department for our newly acquired PPCManagement.com, the number one organic search result for Pay Per Click Management in Google.com. We look forward in the continued success and track record by David Couch.