Buildtelligence Welcomes Brian Rider!

Brian Rider joined the Buildtelligence team as Director of Development.  Brian brings 17+ years of experience in web design, IT instruction and general IT background. 

Past major web developments include:

  • Web Developer for Lake County Sheriff’s Office web site in Lake County Florida.  This site serves an agency of approximately 700 employees.  Site interfaces an informix, mysql and mssql databases for public and law enforcement only usage. 

    This site was one of the first in the nation to allow inmate booking details to be seen by the public in real time. 2+ years since leaving organization system is still in place and handling 1.32 million visitors and 89.235 million hits yearly (Nov 2006-Oct 2007 statistics).  Site was used as a pattern for other law enforcement sites.

  • Worked with a team at Pringle Development, Inc. to develop an ASP/Ruby/Perl solution to enable builders on laptops to communicate daily workloads in a scheduling system with limited wireless connectivity.  This organization still utilizes this system and gives strong reference to it as one of their reasons for substantial decreases in cycle time for home development.  One of the major factors in getting them an NHQ Silver award for its 2nd Year in a row by the National Home builders Association.
  • Worked as a member of a team to develop an entire online community from the bottom up for a 900+ community to act as a full intranet solution in 1999.  System has been replaced at the initial installation, however company it was developed for is still using it and modifying it for their new communities. – ( site no longer up-link no longer works) Neighborlinks
  • Worked as a volunteer subcontractor for Wizards of the Coast a subsidiary of Hasbro to develop a system to allow multiple volunteers to edit corrections and updating of awards for distribution at one of its annually sponsored events.
  • Developed hundreds of websites since 1991 ranging from personal hobbies to subcontract work for multi-million dollar corporations.
  • Volunteer in non-for-profit group recreating medieval history – ( – site no longer up link no longer working) Loch Gryffyn
  • Proficient in ASP, Perl, multiple databases, and graphic design, Brian Rider brings significant talent to the Buildtelligence team.  Welcome Brian!