Web Design

Great Web Design starts out with Search Engines in Mind

Buildtelligence is the world leader in Web Design.  From the beggining we design sites to be immediately attractive to the organic search results.  We believe that organic Web Design is our responsibility to our clients.  If your site can’t be found in the search results, then what’s the point?  Therefore Web Design has to start with a clear discussion of your organizations goals and further your expectations for what a web site is going to accomplish.  Web Design that starts any other way isn’t good Web Design.


Intelligent Web Design considers user behavior

Web Design then must consider user behavior along with the the desired goals.  If the goal is to generate phone calls, than the appropriate call to action includes the phone number in a conspicuous place in the Web Design.  If the site’s goal is to generate leads, then including contact forms throughout the site (not just on a contact us page) is effective Web Design.

Buildtelligence believes that it is not our responsibility to drive traffic to a site, but instead to drive the right traffic, through the right web site experience at the right moment.  When customers find our client’s sites, our clients find success.

You need intelligent Web Design, We Design Web pages and Websites that get results.