The small business solution – Low in Price High in Value

Do you ever wonder why we can offer you a web site and hosting service so low in cost, yet still be able to offer it with the highest service quality?

   First of all, we are highly efficient and resourceful.

The use of open source software means that you don't have to pay for a high quality product.  Instead you get a high quality product for free.  We just provide services to help you use that product.  Secondly, we DON'T just pump dollars into numerous advertising campaigns. We carefully choose them using our unique and low cost advertising strategy. Finally, We work in a properly equipped environment, but without the lavish clutters.

Secondly, we are honorable businessmen running a bona fide business. We don't do gimmicks; and we definitely don't over-charge our customers. Arthur Warwick once said "I'd rather do and not promise than promise and not do.", therefore we believe in always constantly upgrading with the best technology to give our customers reliable and trouble-free services, all at a cost that our customers only pay for what they use.

What do we gain from all of these then? We are pleased to say that we are a growing and profitable company that continues to provide great services at an affordable cost for everybody. We still here after so many years of business and will continue to do so for many years to come; and all these, thanks to you, our loyal customers!