Small Business Websites

Small Businesses have been left behind when it comes to Internet Presence.

Until now, there have been 2 options for the small business owner when it came to launching a web site.

1. Learn all that you can about HTML and web development and do it yourself. This option is both time consuming and costly (your time as a small business owner is valuable).  Additionally the results may not be as professional as you would like and you may not be able to create all of the more complex features you would want in a web site (like mass mailing, customer signup, e-Commerce etc.)

2. Hire a Web Design or Advertising Agency to design a website for you. – This option provides excellent results but can often be quite costly to the small business’s bottom line.

Why spend too much for web designBuildtelligence is focused on changing this for small businesses across the globe.  Our focus is to deliver a comprehensive, full featured, easy to use,  web site using current technology that provides a small business web presence quickly, efficiently, and most important of all affordably!