Screen Resolution Trends

Trends — Monitors and Screen Resolution


Screen resolution refers to the number of individual pixels that fit within a given space on a computer monitor. The pixel is the smallest addressable unit on a monitor screen.

A resolution of 800×600 means that the monitor can display 800 pixels horizontally and 600 pixels vertically. The type of monitor you have and your computer’s video adapter card determine the range of the resolutions available on your monitor. This web site is designed for 1024×768.



There is usually a recommended screen resolution for a particular monitor. If you try to read something on a 15-inch monitor with a resolution of 1024×768, the text might be too small for you to see it clearly — but that same resolution would probably work well on a 17- or 21-inch monitor. As monitors increase in size screen resolution trends will continue to progress, however there is a physical limit on reasonable desktop space.  Buildtelligence believes that we are nearing that limit and as such screen resolution trends will begin to slow.

Web Design and Screen Resolution

During the early days of the Web, we designed for a resolution of 640×480. As technology and color representation improved, the standard moved to 800×600, and many monitors are still shipped preset to this resolution.

Web designers are gradually starting to design for a resolution of 1024×768 because a growing majority of Internet users can handle that resolution and more. This Web site is designed for 1024×768, and Buildtelligence is deliberately moving slowly towards this new standard.