Long Tail Real Estate Keywords

Long Tail Real Estate Keywords – Formerly "Bottom Feeding" for Home Builders and Real Estate Pros

The fact is that a web site can generate as much if not more targeted visitors using specific long tail keyword phrases than they can using broad high volume individual search phrases.

How do I find Real Estate keywords? …and why are they so important?

In search engine professional terms, what we are talking about is the concept of targeting long tail keywords or what used to be referred to as "bottom feeding".

What are Long Tail Keywords? 

Long Tail keywords are those 3, 4, and 5 word keyword phrases which are very, very specific to what you are selling and "where" you are selling it. You see, whenever a customer uses a highly specific search phrase, they tend to be looking for exactly what they are actually going to buy. There are significantly less daily search counts for these phrases however in almost every situation, such extremely specific searches are far more likely to convert to a desired action (lead generation) than general generic searches.  Generic Searches tend to be geared more toward the type of research that consumers typically do prior to making a decision.

To help illustrate this phenomenon, let’s take a look at the typical step-by-step path that a home buyer travels on the way to a making a purchase.

  1. Consumer begins to think about moving or buying a new home.
  2. Consumer seeks information about housing in preparation for possible purchase.
  3. Consumer evaluates alternatives to product (features, pricing, etc…). REQUESTS MORE INFORMATION
  4. Consumer makes a decision to VISIT specific communities or homes. MAKES CONTACT TO ARRANGE VISIT
  5. Consumer Visits communities or homes and meets with Sales Professionals
  6. Consumer Buys, or goes back to step 3 to "rule out" current housing candidates.
  7. Consumer then evaluates the buying experience, the home and community after buying it and may provide referral.

Using the above 7 step path to a purchase as our scenario, you can probably already see that you want to target the consumer who is in step 3 or 4

Consumer makes their VISIT Decision.

…because once they have made their decision to buy something and "where", that’s when they start using very specific search phrases to seek out their target purchase.

The Good News About Long Tail Real Estate Keywords

Highly specific multi-word phrases tend to be far easier to rank well in the search engines than the more generic single keyword or double keyword phrases.

Here’s a specific example. Let’s say you are a developer / home builder that has a retirement community on the edge of Fern Ridge Lake near Eugene Oregon. At first, you might consider targeting a generic phrase like "Retirement Communities" or "Oregon retirement Communities". After all, Retirement Communities is what your prospects are looking for.

However, if you tried to go after that phrase, you’d be facing direct competition from big portal sites like retirenet.com retirementliving.com etc. It’s unlikely you’d be able to knock any of those sites out of the top 10 unless you’re willing to invest a significant amount of money, a huge amount of time, and create a ton of content.

But, even more important, Retirement Communities isn’t the best phrase for you to target anyway. That’s because many people who search using that phrase are doing very general research on where they might like to go. They’re probably not saying to themselves…

"I’m looking for a retirement community in Oregon, near a lake with fishing and boating opportunities."

“I’m looking for a townhouse in a retirement community that’s in Eugene Oregon that allows pets”

If they were, they’d be entering something different than "Retirement Communities"

Even if you were to target a more specific phrase like Oregon Retirement communities you’d still be up against heavy hitters like www.retirementhomes.com, retirenet, and americanhomeguides. And, unless you have communities throughout the entire state you may not convert many visitors to leads anyway.

Long Tail Real Estate Keyword Advice 

So let’s look at some of the keywords that are specific to what you’re selling—keywords that you can start ranking for and generating traffic and lead conversions right away.

Here are a few highly specific key phrases that relate to customers who are much later in the buying cycle—at least at step 3, perhaps at step 4:

  • Retirement Community Eugene Oregon
  • Lakefront Retirement Community Eugene Oregon
  • Retirement Community Eugene Oregon with Fishing
  • Town home Retirement Community Pets Allowed

Of course, these are just a few examples. I’m sure you could think of many more. However, the point is twofold;

The long tail keywords are much easier to rank for.
People who search by using long tail keywords are far more likely to become leads and visitors to your community and if they visit they are much more likely to purchase!

Even More Good News on Long Tail Real Estate Keywords

Of course this suggests that you should be creating pages that zero-in on capturing long tail keyword searchers. And, since there are potentially so many different long tail combinations that searchers may use to buy what you offer, that means you’ll likely be creating even more pages.

The goods news is that Google likes sites that have more pages. It makes the site look more substantial, more established, and even more real in the eyes of the world’s most popular search engine. Keep in mind that your “unique” pages need only be variants of your main offering(s) but focused on a specific long tail niche.

Therefore, each and every page will have a unique title, description meta tag, h1 header tag, and body content that emphasizes your community by using the long tail keyword that you choose for each specific page. None of this is exceptionally difficult, but it sure does work well to capture prospects at the optimum stage of the buying process!

Therefor, instead of focusing on just two or three highly competitive general keywords, target the dozens or even hundreds of easy-to-rank-for long tail real estate keywords.

Also keep in mind, however, that the downside of focusing too much effort on the long tail keywords is, if you target phrases which are too specific, you might not get enough traffic. That’s why it’s best to have:

  • Some pages pages sending you large amounts of less-targeted traffic, and
  • a large number of pages with each sending you small amounts of highly targeted traffic.

But overall, it’s best to think of it this way; would you rather rank for one keyword which sent you 1000 web site visitors a day or 200 key phrases, half of which sent you 1 lead a day?

After you do the math you’ll see that 100 leads is much better than 1000 web site visitors who are only doing research. And there is no question that the use of ultra-specific keywords demonstrate a greater intent to buy on the part of the prospect. This simply leads to more leads which is, of course, what you are really after.

The difficulty with Long Tail Real Estate Keywords

There’s just no substitute for Research

In the end there is no substitute for doing professional keyword research and determining which keywords have enough traffic to make them worth going after. And this effort MUST be combined with doing a comprehensive competitive analysis to determine which keywords you’ll be able to successfully pursue and rank for based on the sites you’d have to compete against.

When pursuing easily ranked, traffic generating long tail real estate keywords you cannot afford to "just guess".  For instance which phrase gets searched more?

  • Retirement Communities Oregon
  • Oregon Retirement Communities
  • Retirement Community Oregon
  • Oregon Retirement Community

** Note each search phrase is unique and has different results, each has different competitors, each has a different  daily search volume, each requires different content to effectively capture. 

When focusing on even ultra-specific keywords and results you simply can’t afford to have incorrect phrases that have ZERO search volume.  When your focusing on less than 10 visits per day for each phrase you can’t afford to hit NOTHING.

That’s where Buildtelligence Comes In.  Using our proprietary tools, we will help you to identify the phrases you should be pursuing, that have appropriate daily search counts, and will make you successful.  Fill out the form below to have a complimentary evaluation of your site and to speak with one of our Search Engine Professionals Today.

So, now you have the tools it takes to get…

  • Easier Real Estate rankings
  • Higher web site lead generation
  • Increased content (more pages indexed in Google)

…all of which will certainly lead to a lot more community visitors and sales!