Improve my search engine ranking

So you want to improve your rankings?

Buildtelligence Search Engine Optimization services can do just that.  First and foremost we believe that keyword choice is the key to the successful start of a search engine optimization project.  For instance this page is an excellent example.

Most likely you searched for Improve my search engine ranking to find this page.  The reality is that most companies would never create a page or write content on their site that would say the phrase "Improve my search engine ranking".  9 times out of 10 they would instead write the phrase "Improve your search engine ranking" because they would be talking to you rather than talking about themselves.  You’ll find pages upon pages of companies telling you how to improve your ranking, and yet you searched "my".  


Why would we create a web page that says "Improve my search engine ranking" ? 

Because we understand search engines, more importantly we understand human nature and HOW people search for things.  Our client programs generally start out with an in-depth study of your keywords and industry.  Through proprietary software we are able to identify daily search counts by keyword phrase.  We know for instance that at the time we wrote this page there were 801 searches everyday for the phrase Improve my search engine ranking.  While there are hundreds more searches daily for a phrase like "search engine ranking" it is a much more competitive keyword. It’s not a cost effective approach to seek the most searched keywords on your effort in a search engine optimization program, rather it’s more effective to go after "well" searched phrases that others fail to recognize.

Our clients want result NOW!

Wouldn’t you?  That’s why we don’t advise them to go after a keyword phrase that will take them 2 years when they can go after numerous well searched phrases that no one else concentrates on and with cumulative traffic that matches the top searched phrases.  Once they have results then we begin the program to go after the top phrases as well.

So you want to "Improve my search engine ranking", We’ll help you win on the Internet and help you drive business.  More importantly we will help you do it intelligently.

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