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The World’s Best Backbone Providers

Buildtelligence ‘Inside-Out Network’ provides the unique ability for your data to travel over the optimal path to reach its destination using BGP4 routing protocol. This is done through utilizing direct connections to several leading Internet backbone providers. We have the following bandwidth connections to our backbone providers:

  • DS3 to QWest (45 Mbits)
  • DS3 to UUNet (45 Mbits)
  • OC3 to UUNet (155 Mbits)
  • OC3 to Global Crossing (155 Mbits)
  • OC3 to AT&T (155 Mbits)
  • OC3 to AT&T (155 Mbits)

Our Data Center’s self-healing network architecture virtually eliminates a single point of failure. In addition to our own backbone, The Data Center also purchases backup transit from multiple providers in multiple locations to ensure that your data will arrive via the shortest possible routes. Because of our backup transit and the many international peers, our network maintains the shortest routes for sending your data all over the world. On an ongoing basis, Our Data Center is negotiating with the top fiber carriers for new routes, additional backup transit providers, and we are signing on new peering relationships. 
Our switched network utilizes the Border Gateway Protocol Version 4 (BGP4) over Cisco 12000 series GSR routers. We always update the router’s IOS after we have stress tested the latest IOS on a non-critical router, to make sure it is very stable. The switch that your equipment will ultimately be connected to is connected back to a core router via fiber. This means when one part of the Internet slows down your site will not be caught in the bottleneck. All of our servers are fast Dual Xeon based technology with 4GB of RAM. We keep our servers at less than 50% capacity so even when traffic peaks, our servers won’t overload. 

Listed below are the current maps for the providers we use:

The following links are outdated and as such they are no longer working.
Espire Map

Genuity Map

Global Crossing Map


Qwest Map


Sprint Map


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