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Why Home Builders Need Buildtelligence

Just under 80 percent of today’s home buyers start their research online, reports the National Association of Realtors. They may spend almost three months cruising around Home Builder Web sites, according to a Harris Interactive survey of new-construction homeowners. They’re figuring out which builders fit their needs and which ones are off their radar before they ever hit the “Contact Us” button to ask a question or sign up for a newsletter. Once they do make contact, they expect a response the same day. If they don’t get it, a builder isn’t likely to get a second chance.

Your business is focused on selling Homes.  You aren’t an IT company.  You shouldn’t have to be either because it isn’t your core mission.  But you need Internet resources and services to make your organization more efficient, give it greater exposure to the market and drive increased sales.  We’ve done the research we understand your needs and we can assist you in planning a web Strategy that fits you and delivers the results you are looking for.

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construction consulting

The old adage about consultants is too often true.  They come in and charge you to tell you something you already know!  Buildtelligence is information you need not that you already know. 

Buildtelligence will help you with an IT strategy, web strategy or application development strategy  helping you select a direction and establish goals that best fit your organization, deep mine your current data, benchmark your results against your competitors, and dig deep into cause and effect relationships.

Buildtelligence can help you improve your business, reach new markets, and help you determine why you are under-performing or just simply help make your organization stronger.

Construction systems training

Technophobic staff?  or just not proficient with technology?  Give them Buildtelligence training.

We provide basic IT training as well as in-depth training in Web Development and Design, Quality Systems, Quality auditor training and more.

Just need simple training on how to maintain your dynamic web site?  Buildtelligence offers that too!

Does your IT team need training?  We can provide Microsoft Training to help them achieve their MCP’s, MCA’s, MCSE’s, MCDBA’s and MCSD’s and others.

Get Buildtelligent!

Construction Marketing consultation

This is where the rubber meets the road.  Are you able to deeply analyse your current data?  Are you collecting enough data?  Do you know what data you should be collecting?  Buildtelligence will give you the information you need to DRIVE sales through your organization.

Buldtelligence will help you benchmark your results against national averages and local competitors.  Further we’ll help you identify the root causes that are affecting your teams performance.

; web positioning and search engine optimization

Today’s consumer is highly technical, they want answers to their questions NOW.  Is your web technology working, is it at it’s full potential?  You should be effectively generating leads and sales from your web site.

We can help you achieve top results in search engines and web marketing efforts.  Get Webtelligence from Buildtelligence!

Are you maximizing the web to offer support and customer care services for your clients and customers?  Webtelligence can assist you in making the web a tool, reducing employee needs, saving you money and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Construction Quality systems

Buildtelligence team members have designed and implemented Quality Systems have been nationally recognized and awarded!

We take quality very seriously.  Not only do we catch errors using Quality Control we also prevent errors by constantly evaluating our processes and procedures.  Customer feedback is taken very seriously and we will commit to not just listening to you but "hearing" you as well.

Continual improvement is our constant goal!

Construction Web Design Search Engine Optimization

A great website is nothing if potential clients can’t find it or nobody ever sees it.  Don’t let your hard work to create a great web presence go to waste!

Search engine optimization (SEO), a subset of search engine marketing, is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. SEO can also target specialized searches such as image search, local search, and industry-specific vertical search engines.

Read more in this section to understand how successful we are at getting sites noticed!

custom construction software

You’ve determined that an OTS (off the shelf) product won’t work for you or you just can’t find a turn key product that meets your very specific needs.

Whether you need a public facing application or you need something internal to your own organization we have the resources and skills to deliver custom web applications of all types.


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