Google Search Engine Submissions

Google Search Engine Submissions Work Well

You have a website; you have a host, now what? How do you make your website available to consumers? Your next step is to get it submitted to the search engines.


Google search engine submissions is a prominent site to have your website listed on. Google is a number one choice in search engines for consumers. So, it is only sensible, to have your website listed by using “Google search engine submission”.

When submitting your website to Google they will use a crawler called Googlebot to index it. And, once indexed by Google, your website will then be re-indexed every ten days or so to insure it is still in working condition.

“Google search engine submission” may not place your website in the top ten listings but it at least gets it recognized by Google. Google does suggest that before submitting your website through their submission page you run a scan to make sure your site is not already listed. Running this search will show you which, if any, pages have already been indexed by Google and save you from having to re-list those pages.

The “Google search engine submission” area also supports the use of sitemaps. If you have sitemaps included in your website then Googlebot will also index those. You will need to make sure you have an account with Google so that your sitemaps can be optimized.

“Google search engine submissions” are free but Google also offers paid submissions as well. This paid submission is labeled Google AdWords and allows you to set a daily rate amount that fits into your budget. You can choose how much you want to spend on each click through to your lead page and you will only pay when you receive a click. At times, paid submissions can land your website at a higher listing in the search engines than free submissions will.

When you decide to use “Google search engine submission” you will not have to submit each page of your website. You will only need to submit your top level page and Googlebot will take over from there. The crawler will find the remaining pages of your website and will update the indexes as needed. Any unused links will eventually be automatically faded out of the index during the next crawl of the website.

There are many free search engine submissions sites to which you will find access to but not all of them will include such an advanced web crawler or offer re-indexing of your web pages. Google is also a bit more personalized by distinguishing between individual web site submissions and business submissions. “Google search engine submission” also offers submission to larger, more popular search engines without charging ridiculously high fees.

A website is just a group of pages until it is available to viewers. Let the “Google search engine submission” bring buyers to you today.