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Chicago Search Engine Optimization Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the targeted traffic to a web site from search engines by means of "natural" search results as opposed to the expensive methods of sponsored results. As a rule the higher a site is placed in the list of search results, the more users will visit it. In order to function effectively the site needs to turn up among the first 20 results. And there are many ways and techniques of doing it. In order to move a site up in the search rankings, we, at Buildtelligence Web Solutions consider how search algorithms work and what people search for. Chicago Search Engine Optimization service for instance will pay more attention to what people in Chicago search for.

In the first place your site should be trustworthy, relevant and authoritative. These are the key factors that determine how high the site will go in the search rankings. Let’s have a closer look at each of them.

Chicago Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Selection (Keywords)

Probably the most missed function of a good Search Engine Optimization campaign is Keyword relevancy.  What exactly are the keywords that are being searched for by yor prospective clients.  Are they lookinjg for "Chicago Search Engine Optimization" ? or are they instead looking for "Search Engine Optimization Chicago"?  If a search firm fails to due a thorough evaluation fo keywords at the begining of any campaign, then they are doing you an injustice and they are simply guessing.  You should clearly know the search volumes and competition for every keyword you are going to pursue.

Content Relevancy

This point is pretty clear. The content of the web site must be relevant to the search phrase. Just like our site is relevant to the phrase "Chicago Search Engine Optimization", because we offer SEO services in Chicago.

Authority (Popularity)

Authority of a web site can be measured in the number of links to it. Linking to a website is recognition of its authority on the topic in question.

The bottom line is that in order to be in top rankings your website must prove that it can be trusted, that its content is relevant to the issue and that its opinion has authority here. SEO is an efficient way of gaining or improving each of the key elements that determine the site’s positions in the search results. Chicago Search Engine Optimization offers a number of effective techniques and strategies from simple to sophisticated ones that include enhancing the site’s coding, fixing problems, adding unique and relevant information to the site’s content and making it easily indexed by search engine robots, as well as increasing the site’s appeal to users. There are numerous SEO techniques but not all of them abide by the ‘fair play’ rules.

There is a class of techniques, known as "Black Hat" SEO or spamdexing, that exploit such tricks as link farms and keyword stuffing that are irritating for search engine users. Search engines disapprove of these techniques and may remove a site form their listings for resorting to such methods.

Buildtelligence does NOT use or support black hat SEO techniques. There have been numerous cases when the clients of black hat SEO companies were banned from search engines. So we recommend that you thoroughly check the SEO Company you choose to carry out an Chicago Search Engine Optimization campaign for your business. Chicago Search Engine Optimization.