Affordable SEO


Affordable SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process of making a website seen by as many search engine users as possible and improving its ranking in search engine listings. High rankings increase targeted traffic to the website.  There are many methods that can help get your site higher in the rankings, but many of them can be pretty expensive, like for instance PPC ads, where the cost per click can each reach several dollars. Buildtelligence Web Solutions offers a cost-efficient way to gain traffic.  An Affordable SEO campaign is targeted at getting the "right" results the first time.  Price is particularly important for them. Traffic is not always the final aim, whereas targeted traffic is. Just using common generic search phrases can turn out an ineffective strategy for a small business as it can lead to numerous inquiries of low-quality that bring more unqualified visitors than income.

Targeting specific keywords that can interest a potential customer is a much better technique for any business. And the more specific the keyword (long tail keywords) is, the less competition you have to face.

So what makes an Affordable SEO campaign? Let’s consider what is NOT affordable first. Spending thousands of dollars on a SEO campaign for the wrong keywords is obviously no option for any business, where every dollar should be strictly accounted for.  An Optimization Campaign MUST first start with thorough research to identify the best and most searched keywords for your company’s products or services.

The main objective of a SEO campaign is to increase targeted traffic to your website. That traffic is easy to measure. Every web hosting company records and analyzes the website’s traffic. So with the help of the logs from your hosting company you can easily calculate how efficient your SEO campaign is.

Affordable SEO

Affordable means that it is based on a result-oriented approach in the first place. That means you’ve seen the clearly measured results, for example by top ranking in the indexes of the largest search engines or by the growth of your website’s traffic. It similar to giving your company a free advertisement in a newspaper, the aim is to generate targeted traffic to your business without having to pay for a keyword each and every click.

In order to find out whether the SEO firm is really as good as they say, ask them to give you a contract which you can leave at anytime if you are unhappy with the results.  Buildtelligence contracts typically have a 30 day out which means that we have to earn your business every day of every month.  Account retention and developing a long lasting relationship is our goal.

When your website does appear on the top page of Google and there is an increase in your website’s traffic, here comes the question of how much should you pay?

Every keyword has its own price which is made up of its popularity (the number of searches over a period of time) and competitiveness (number of pages displayed for the same search keyword). Some Search Engine Optimization firms will want you to continually pay them, but the reality is that once optimization has been completed on your site and top rankings achieved you simply don’t have to continue Optimizing your content, Once done it’s done!  Affordable SEO means that you don’t continually pay your search firm for services that they aren’t doing anything for.  The only long lasting part of the relationship is link building (increasing your popularity) and Rank Monitoring. That’s affordable Search Engine Optimization.