About Search Engine Optimization


Much can be said about Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. We, at Buildtelligence Web Solutions, understand the confusion that can arise when trying to learn about Search Engine Optimization that’s why we are always ready to help you get the essence of it. Basically, Search Engine Optimization is the process of enhancing the visibility and relevance of your web site to search engines and their users. SEO strategies are based on the work of search algorithms and what information people look for. As a rule the higher a site is placed in the search results list, the more people will visit it. This can be accomplished in various ways but any effective SEO campaign will include the following components:


 Improving the content: Content is probably the main factor that determines how high your site will be ranked by the search engines. Good content is what attracts users to the site, but in order to be found by the users it needs to have appropriately used key-words or phrases that will be detected by the search engines. But being detected does not necessarily mean being read. In order to be successful a site needs to have not only unique but also useful content that will provide users with the information they seek. High quality content will further promote your resource, for instance by means of citation index, that is the number of links to your site on the internet, which is another factor taken into account by search engines when ranking a site.     

            Site’s design is another key element that can’t be overlooked when talking about Search Engine Optimization. Simple design with user-friendly navigation is the shortest way to move up the ranking ladder, whereas overabundant bandwidth graphics, animation and other slowly loading finery can certainly hinder the site’s efficiency. Plain designs are favored not only by search engine spiders but also by search engine users, as it helps them to get straight to what they are looking for, and that is the content.

            Meta tags and key words are also important as well as the description and the title. They are part and parcel of a successful SEO strategy. But they need to be complemented by convincing content with appropriately used keyword phrases.

No doubt SEO strategies can get really sophisticated and technical. There is an endless pool of information about Search Engine Optimization.  SEO techniques may include enhancing the site’s coding and structure, as well as fixing bugs that can prevent search engine programs from scanning the site. Another class of methods, known as spamdexing, involves such tricks as link farms and keyword stuffing. Sites that use such techniques are filtered by the search engines and can be removed from their index lists. Buildtelligence Web Solutions does not employ such tactics. Whatever the techniques are one thing should be kept in mind: there is much more about Search Engine Optimization than just getting to the top of search lists. The ultimate goal is to make the site more appealing and helpful for the users.